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Clarinet Club Music Library

The music in the Clarinet Club Music Library is for Clarinet Club participants only. You are free to use it while you are an active participant in the clarinet club. You may download it to practice, share it with other Clarinet Club participants, and even play it with other clarinet players that are not Clarinet Club members as long as you are part of the group performing it. 

However, if you are no longer participating in Clarinet Club, then you will need to contact me about purchasing your own copy of this music. It is against copyright laws to copy and share it outside of the group where the original person who bought the music is playing. Since I bought the music and we are playing here in the Clarinet Club together, we can share it here. 

If you would like your own copy of any of these songs, please ask and I will tell you where you can find them. Many of the ARE available for free in different places on the internet legally, but please be cautious and follow the rules so we can continue to have fun here in clarinet club!

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