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Trial Lesson

Not every teacher is right for every student, but when a good match is made, students are set up to thrive. Come and try a no-commitment trial lesson. We will evaluate your goals, and you can test me out to see if I'm the teacher for you. 

It's as easy as scheduling a lesson! I will present my studio policies and expectations, along with an example of a typical lesson. I will listen to your goals and hear you play, and then suggest a direction for study. If we both think it will be a good fit, we will pick a regular lesson day and time, and you will start weekly lessons.

The first month may be prorated per lesson, and then you will start with the regular monthly lesson rate at the beginning of the next full month.

Teaching Philosophy


When playing a woodwind instrument, it's about more than just nimble fingers. A solid foundation build on a sonorous and beautiful tone is of the upmost importance. 

I specialize in helping students find a beautiful tone, and then keep that tone as they develop quick and fluid technique. 

Fundamental Technique

A toolbox full of scales, arpeggios, and intervals form the framework of my method of teaching technique. Step by step, we will work on your technique so that you will feel confident in maneuvering through the technical requirements of the woodwind repertoire at the required speed with comfort.

Musicianship and Expression

Master the mechanical working of the instrument, and you will gain the freedom of expression. We will work to develop articulation, dynamic control, understanding of phrasing, and a knowledge of the practical music theory to let you express yourself through music. 

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