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Tuesdays at 5pm on Zoom

Come learn, play oboe, meet professional musicians, work on reeds, and have fun!

Oboe Club is an online group that gets together once per week to play oboe in a fun and social setting. We meet on Tuesdays at 5pm to talk, share tips, learn from excellent guest artists, and play together in duets and small ensembles on Zoom. Each month will have a different skill focus. We’ll start out with:

September - Shake the dust off of your scales

October - All State, All Right!

November - Knife Sharpening and Blank Winding

December - Reeds, Reeds, and More Reeds


Designed to be a place for oboe players of all levels, we will have breakout rooms for players at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and beyond as needed.

Once per month, we will record and post what we’ve been up to in one of those Acapella-style grid videos. You will also get the chance to learn how to produce and edit that type of project if you are interested.

Hosted by Shepherd Music Studios. $15/month to participate, but come and check out your first week for free. 

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