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Duet Videos for Club


Step 1 - Make your click track

After you practice your piece and decide on the tempo, you with make a click track using the steps in the Audacity tutorial. This includes:

  • Counting the number of measures in the piece

  • Generating the click track in Audacity

  • Exporting the track as an mp3 and sharing it with your ensemble partner


Step 2 - The first person records with the click track. This includes:

  • Using headphones to record (one ear on and one ear off)

  • Listening to your recording when you are done to make sure you don't have any mistakes to correct in

    • notes​

    • missed beats or measures or rests

    • playing with the click the whole time

  • Correcting any errors if you find them​

  • Exporting the mp3 of your part AND the click on the same recording and sending it to your partner in email

  • Export the mp3 of your part alone and send it to your partner and the audio editor.


Step 3 - The second person records with the click track AND the first person's recording, listening to both so the parts line up. This includes:

  • Practicing with your partner's recording before you attempt to record it

  • Using headphones to record (one ear on and one ear off)

  • Listen to your recording while reading along with the music to make sure you didn't make any mistakes. Check for​​

    • correct notes​

    • missed beats or measures or rests

    • playing with the click and your partner the whole time (were you in the same measure the whole time as your partner?)

    • playing in tune with your partner

  • If there were mistakes, please re-record

  • Export an mp3 of just your part alone

  • Export another mp3 of the click and BOTH PARTS

  • Send those tracks to your partner and the audio editor


Step 4 - Making the Video

To make our videos, both partners will need:

  • a copy of the mp3 with the click and BOTH PARTS audible

  • your music

  • a music stand

  • a camera or phone to record the video

  • a tripod, stand, or person to hold the camera or phone while recording the video

  • another device to play the mp3 that you already recorded of the music so you can "finger sync" or "air play" to it in the video


Step 5 - Shoot the video

After you and your partner have decided on the theme of the video, then you need to:

  • plan how many shots you want to film (some examples of details to think about are full body, hands alone, far away, up close, from the side, in front, standing, sitting, moving, holding still, playing instruments, doing a different activity)

  • Find a nice spot to film

    • free from clutter​

    • avoid private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms

    • look for places with lots of light, like outside in the daytime or by big windows or in a room with lots of lights

  • Set up the space

    • set up your music stand​

    • set up your speaker near the camera so that when you play your recording the device recording the video will "hear" it on the video

    • Push play on the camera or phone

    • Make sure to do the clap on your video so you can line it up with the recorded music in editing

    • Play along with the recording

    • After you are done, check the video to make sure it looks good

    • Then, you are done! Turn it in!

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